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High-Speed Extrusion Line for PE/PP Double Wall Corrugated Pipe

High-speed extrusion line for PE/PP double wall corrugated pipe made by Zhongyun Science and Research Co. Ltd. can achieve outstanding performance through adopting numerous innovative technology:


● Far ahead in the industry! Innovative high-speed cooling solution of mould blocks brings higher output!

● Unique in the industry! No platform which carry the mould blocks running and fixed central height of the bearer plate which carry mould blocks make the operation of production easier.

● Unique in the industry! The left frame and the right frame which the mould blocks are mounted on can open and close freely. It makes the operation and maintenance easier.

● Industry leading! Compatibility of mould blocks between different models of extrusion lines.

● Industry leading! Innovative clasp style rapid assembly technology of mould blocks substantially shorten the time of changing the size of mould blocks.


                           Typical structure of double wall corrugated plastic pipe extrusion line


Model ZC-250H ZC-500H ZC-1000H ZC-1500H
Diameter of pipe (DN/OD) 50mm-250mm 200mm-600mm 200mm-1000mm 500mm-1500mm

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