Talent Recruitment

As one of the leading companies in research and manufacturing of corrugated pipe machines, ZhongyunTech has been thinking highly of her employees during the development in the last decades.

If you are committed to producing high-quality products, innovation or providing better customer experience, we are looking forward to your joining.

We can provide you with

An aspiring enterprise for exploit your talent

Competitive salary and benefits

Series trainings towards different positions

Various staff activities

“Keep learning—To do a prefect Quality control work is my endless pursue.”

“I love these drawings, they are the blueprint of my life.”

“ I am a team leader, we are going to achieve our goals.”

“Just graduated from college, as a novice in Zhongyuntech, I get to know some amazing craftsmen, they are my role models.”

Welcome you to join us if

You have knowledge or work experiences in plastic extrusion.
You have experience in service and installation of plastic processing machinery.
You are passionate about the sales work for industrial equipment.
Confident, integrity, reliable.

If you are interested, please contact 180 536 45190,or send your resume to



The number of:2

Education: Bachelor

Job Responsibilities

We make sure you get the right opportunities to hone the skills you need to reach your career goals. Collaborate with professionals who are leaders in their field and pursue career growth by contributing to dynamic projects.

If you are interested in pursuing a career with Zhongyun, email your application to