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Nov 07,2021

A second-hand ZhongyunTech machine

This is a second-hand ZhongyunTech production line for corrugated pipes which was just installed last week in Jiangxi.

The client wants to manufacture corrugated pipes, as there is a good market for corrugated pipes, after months' investigation, they bought a second ZhongyunTech machine because of lack of fund.


Why does this client prefer a second-hand zhongyunTech machine, not a brand-new machine from other brands, like Jell machine or Dalian machine?


ZhongyunTech has been focusing on corrugated pipe machinery since 2000, and is the first company developed high-speed water-cooling technology in China in 2009.

Best technology, Best machine quality, Best pipe quality, Best after-sales service, help ZhongyunTech sweep China market immediately.


ZhongyunTech can provide life-time after sales service for our machine, no matter where it is, no matter how old it is. This is our commitment to our clients.case 12.21_内容.jpg


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