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Feb 23,2022

ZC-180H corrugated pipe extrusion line is ready for our European clients

Recently we had a ZC-180H double wall corrugated pipe production line trial in our factory. It was OD75mm DWC pipe with a speed at 10m/min. (Please check the attached video)


This line is ordered by a German company, and, this is the 3rd time that ZhongyunTech supply corrugated pipe machine to European-based Multinational corporation.


ZC-180H line boost its high production speed of max.15m/min for OD75mm double wall corrugated pipes, producing high quality pipes by virtue of perfect vacuum system and cooling technology.


ZC-180H line can produce single wall corrugated pipe OD16--OD200mm, and can produce double wall corrugated pipe OD40--OD200mm.


The corrugated pipes produced by this machine is usually used for following applications,

• Land drainage system with slots

• Cable protection ducting

• Fresh air venting system


If you are looking for high-speed corrugated pipe production equipment for above applications, please feel free to contact us at sales@zhongyuntech.com.



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