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Feb 28,2022

Have a look at our ZC-180H corrugated pipe machine for air duct

One more ZC-180H corrugated pipe machine (for air duct) has been finished the installation in our client's site!

They emphasize the pipe quality very much, as the corrugated pipe is used for fresh air system. After detailed market research and various comparisons, they chose ZhongyunTech as their supplier in consideration of machine performance and service finally.

ZC-180H line can produce single wall corrugated pipe OD16--OD200mm, and can produce double wall corrugated pipe OD40--OD200mm. 

The corrugated pipes produced by this machine is usually used for following applications,

• Land drainage system with slots

• Cable protection ducting

• Fresh air venting system


If you are looking for high-speed corrugated pipe production equipment for above applications, please feel free to contact us.

ZC-180H corrugated pipe machine_副本.jpg


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