Trial and Acceptance: ZC-600H to Australia-corrugated pe pipe line-ZhongyunTech
Oct 17,2023

Trial and Acceptance: ZC-600H to Australia

One Australian entrepreneur has turned the tables on corrugated pipe imports, transitioning from distributor to manufacturer, with ZhongyunTech leading the way in this transformative journey.

These years, this Australian client imported corrugated pipes from the United States, serving the local market. But a desire for independence and efficiency led to their decision to produce these pipes locally.

After thorough research and comparisons, the Australian client chose ZhongyunTech machine. This decision was based on ZhongyunTech's global reputation for leading technology, efficient production lines, and unwavering support.

The successful trial stands as a testament to the reliability and durability of ZhongyunTech machine. This partnership represents our commitment to empowering global clients on their path to self-reliance and success, as they continue to lead the way in the manufacturing industry.


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