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1.High-efficient cooling solution. the mould blocks are cooled with pressure water cooling system continuously,water circulate in sealed channels with pressure to achieve higher cooling efficiency and higher production speed, so as to lower pipe production cost.

2.Full-time cooling. The mould blocks are continuously chilled by the cooling water throughout the whole running track. 

3.Highly compatible solution of mould blocks. The mould blocks can be compatible between different models of corrugators so as to make the production more flexible. 

4. Mould block temperature control system helps to optimize the pipe quality both appearance and inside.

5. Easy and quick mould block changeover system greatly shorten the down time.  

6. No need to adjust corrugator height to recentralize when changeover. 

7. Maintenance-free with automatic lubricating system.  

8.The corrugator will draw back automatically in case of emergency with UPS back up.




Based on the continuous optimization of product quality and performance, the product pictures and parameters involved in this page may be different from the real products. Zhongyun reserves the right to modify the appearance design and configuration parameters of the equipment without prior notice.

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