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ZC-1200HHigh-Speed Extrusion Line for Double Wall Corrugated Pipe

Features of ZC-1200H line

Pressure water-cooling for mould blocks greatly increase the production speed; the maximum speed is 4.5m/min.

Low energy consumption help to cut production cost.

Efficient vacuum system for forming perfect pipes.

Mould block temperature control system helps to optimize the pipe quality both appearance and inside.

The complete extrusion line runs full-automatically.

Corrugator and extruders are synchronously controlled.

Harden treated screw and barrels for longer life span and durability.

Remote Service is available.

Toolings (moulds) compatible to ZC-600H line, ZC-1000H line and ZC-2000H.

Field of application

Storm water and sewage.

Drainage pipes for sports field, streets, squares and communities.

Protection pipes for community heating systems.

Infrastructure and civil engineering.

Main Technical Parameters

Pipe Range Min ID
Pipe Range Max OD
Installed gross capacity
Normal working power
Maximum production speed
Maximum Output
Overall dimension(L*W*H)

Composing of the extrusion line

Model SJPE-120/33B single screw extruder
1 set
Model SJPE-150/33B single screw extruder  
1 set
Model ZC-1200H high-speed water cooling corrugator  
1 set
Model 1200 spray cooling bath
1 set
Model 1200 automatic sawdust-free cutting machine
1 set
Model 1200 unloading device with weighing system 
1  set

Based on the continuous optimization of product quality and performance, the product pictures and parameters involved in this page may be different from the real products. Zhongyun reserves the right to modify the appearance design and configuration parameters of the equipment without prior notice.

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